An all new openFrameworks Blog

Hold on there! This blog article is taken from my previous website and quite old. It may be not as interesting or relevant as it used to be, a lot of information may be deprecated.

Hi there, and welcome to my first 'true' blog. This is the place where I'll keep track of the progress I've made on some school assignments regarding openFrameworks.

In the near future this this blog's appearance will probably change a couple of times, as I'm still looking for a nice theme that supports the content I've intended to place here. Maybe I'll just create my own Theme from scratch, but for now this will do. (I guess).

Also I'm pretty new to WordPress, so I may need to look into it's features a bit more. But for now it's been a very nice and easy experience.

I'm intending to place some proper content here as soon as possible, so please visit again in some time.