Defined By__ Projection Mapping @ LAB BINÆR

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Together with LAB BINÆR I developed a unique media art element to supplement its defined by__ project.

For almost two weeks a prominent glass walled office space in the city center of Augsburg (Germany) was transformed into a studio for international artists. Decorated with all white furniture and futuristic sculptures coming from the floor and ceiling. At night a custom projection mapping flooded the space with colourful light, showcasing the artists work.

The sculptures consisted of 'flattend' cubes that were carefully calculated and created specifically for that room. By placing these sculptures just right a projection surface was made that created the optical illusion of a true isometric view.

The projection mapping was realized by writing custom software based on the open source Cinder C++ framework. It consisted of multiple parts, a isometric scene renderer, a gui for setting up the actual mapping, and a render stage that created the final image to be send to the projector.

Defined By__ @ LAB BINÆR