Les Mémoires

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Les Mémoires, openFrameworks, Installation

Les Mémoires is an interactive and functional installation, that invites to stand still at the passage of time.

Together with fellow students we where asked to come up with a concept installation that tells the time to the users of the new building of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Enschede). We ended up with a video installation that will allow people to be part of time.

A camera records the movement of the students, tutors and visitors and is displayed on a large screen. Every second a slice of the image will be frozen, and merged with the precious slices, adding up to a full minuteof time, 60 slices of memory. This results in a unique memory of time, a representation of what happened that past minute.

In this project I fulfilled the roles of Project Leader and Software Engineer. The software is written in C++ (using openFrameworks).

Les Mémoires is commissioned by IAA Architechten, SEM Consult, Aan de Stegge and Saxion Hogeschool.

The project is awarded the TKT Award 2010 (best project from the Art & Technology course + audience award).